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Pricing products at ,99 (Part 1)


Pricing at 9

We’ve all seen a product with a ,99 pricing (for example, a jar of jam at 2,99 euros). These prices are usually overstressed on catalogues, posters, television and websites, with big, vivid numbers. But why does that … Read more...

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How Behavioral Economics Changed the Way Brand Marketers Think

One of the things that I changed in my daily life last years, and finally turned it into a constructive habit, is devouring books! Always having a book available to read, even for half-an-hour a day, could help you escape … Read more...

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The Power of Defaults in our Everyday Lives (part 2)

προεπιλογών defaults

For the first part of the article “The Power of Defaults in our Everyday Lives”, click here.

In the first part of this article, we analyzed the power of Defaults (Default Options) and some successful applications of Nudging through … Read more...

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The Cost of Overconfidence

People tend to believe that they are better than the average in many sectors of their lives, and usually in fields of knowledge and skills.

For example, in questions and surveys occasionally conducted, it emerged that even when people were … Read more...