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Save More. Tomorrow. (SMarT)

When it comes to savings, people seem to often deviate from the general laws of Life – Cycle theory which argue that households (or individuals) tend to maintain a stable level of consumption along time (Browning and Crossley, 2001).



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The Decoy Effect

Research in the field of behavioral economics has shown that people, as consumers, usually deviate from the model of consuming choices that maximize utility (Camerer, Loewenstein & Rabin, 2003).Read more...

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Prof. Hogarth on Prof. Thaler’s Award of the Nobel Prize in Economics

This article first appeared on The Barcelona GSE Voice.

Universitat Pompeu Fabra and BGSE Emeritus Research Professor Robin M. Hogarth shares some thoughts in the light of Prof. Thaler’s award of the Nobel Prize in economics.Read more...