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Designing Nudges to Improve Decision-Making

Behavioral economics is an attractive and exploration-worthy field, because it proves that our decisions can be predicted and changed, based on the existing information. So, shall we nudge people to make better decisions?

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The Identifiable Single Victim Effect


While the science of behavioral economics is getting more popular and its application becomes wider, it is important to ask ourselves how it could be used for severe humanitarian matters. 

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Behavioral Economics on Fairness and Reciprocity

This post first appeared on in Spanish.

– Why do we need Laws?

– We need Laws in order to ensure that citizens are treated equally and fairly.

At least, that could be a possible short and … Read more...

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Prospect Theory on Human Decision-Making

Making decisions is something that people do every day, knowingly or unknowingly. It is not surprising, that the topic of Decision-Making is shared by many disciplines, from Mathematics, Economics and Political Science, to Sociology and Psychology.

Analyses of Decision-Making usually …

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4 Digital Marketing Techniques Based on Nudging

digital marketing

The theory and practice of Nudge Marketing and Behavioral Economics may not be as widespread as thought, but it is used by many successful companies in the field of Marketing and especially in Digital Marketing. Rand Fishkin from SEOMoz spoke … Read more...

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3 Applications of Behavioral Economics in the Real World

It is a fact that the most upcoming economists and psychologists, nowadays, with a vast theoretical background, thirst for knowledge, and impatience to make an impact on the world, search for an interesting field to specialize in.

Behavioral Economics is …