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Pricing products at ,99 (Part 1)


Pricing at 9

We’ve all seen a product with a ,99 pricing (for example, a jar of jam at 2,99 euros). These prices are usually overstressed on catalogues, posters, television and websites, with big, vivid numbers. But why does that … Read more...

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4 Digital Marketing Techniques Based on Nudging

digital marketing

The theory and practice of Nudge Marketing and Behavioral Economics may not be as widespread as thought, but it is used by many successful companies in the field of Marketing and especially in Digital Marketing. Rand Fishkin from SEOMoz spoke … Read more...

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The Difference between Nudging and Advertising

In such a competitive context, advertising is one of the crucial priorities of every business. Nudge can be a fresh way of advertising.

Stigler (1987) mentioned that advertisements inform the audience about the availability and the quality of a product/service, … Read more...